How it works

Custom color kits are a unique way for you, as a Colorist, to take care of your clients during this unprecedented and challenging pandemic time. Clients love a customized color formulation for their hair and trust only you to have their best interest in mind. ManeMix makes the whole process of delivering value to your clients smooth and easy.

You have full control over the types of hair color kits you offer to your clients as well as how you go about creating each color kit.


ManeMix provides a landing page for Colorists to list all their color kit offerings. Simply share a link to your ManeMix profile with your clients or share it on social media. Clients can make secure purchases and schedule their consultations with you. Invoicing, taxes and service fees are handled by ManeMix. 


During the checkout process, clients have the option to schedule a video consultation with you based on your availability. The video consultation is scheduled for 15 minutes and is designed to help you assess your clients specific needs. We recommend that you offer this complimentary consultation as part of the custom color kit. ManeMix will facilitate the video consultation between the client and you on Google Meet or Zoom. 


If the chose delivery method is shipping, ManeMix will create and send a shipping label to you. We ask that you ensure that the contents of the kit are well packaged for shipping. Once the kit is ready, simply print that label, attach it to the package and drop off it at your nearest USPS ship center. 


To create custom color kits, there are multiple options out there for you to choose from. You can either:

  • Create you own at home or in your salon
  • Use a vendor who uses your input to create a custom kit (dpHue, for example)

Once the custom kit is ready, you can arrange to have it reach your client in a couple of different ways:

  • Pick up- Arrange a time and place for the client to come by and pick their kit up. This works best for local clients.
  • Ship- The kit can be delivered directly to the clients door. You can use this method for both local and remote clients. 


For any support during the process, please reach out to us at