We help hair colorists serve their clientele remotely through custom color kits and virtual services

ManeMix is an online tool that enables professional hair colorists to offer virtual services to their clients

As a colorist, staying connected and providing value to your clients during the ongoing pandemic is invaluable. Savvy colorists have evolved their services to provide customized hair color kits for at-home use by clients. ManeMix is designed to streamline and easily manage the logistics of your virtual services so you can continue to do what you do best!

Want to see an example? Click this link to see our featured colorist's online store.

Here's a little more about us...


- ManeMix is an online platform for colorists who offer color kits and virtual services

- Colorists get their own fully customizable online store hosted by ManeMix

- We handle secure payments, virtual consultations and shipping labels

- The cost is a flat 10% service fee retained by ManeMix on all sales

- No subscriptions fees or sign-up fees and it is totally risk-free

- Full autonomy for Colorists to pick brands, formulations and prices for their listings

- Colorists can simply share the link to their online store with clients or post on social media

- Colorists can either build their own kits or use a custom color kit vendor

- Happy clients <> Happy you !



Participating colorists-

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